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E. Dental offers leading brands along with excellent lab service – focusing on quality, reliability and professionalism.  E. Dental is a distributer of the Swiss Bien Air dental product line, the MELAG autoclaves for the dental market, and the TeKne Dental Product line in Israel. Along with the best dental instruments, we are proud to represent the international MDT burrs in Israel. Founded by Eli Havivi in 2014, E.Dental has close ties to the freelancer network, supplies to several major hospitals, as well as the Universities and major Health Funds.

Eli Havivi is leading a professional lab with his vast experience in lab services for the leading brands in the world. Mr. Havivi is well known in Israel for his experience and deep understanding of the dental instruments. He is a certified technician for a number of worldwide dental brands and uses the dedicated tools (some of them produced by E.Dental) for each instrument.

The E. Dental lab follows the strictly required procedures set by the manufacturers, in order to make sure the instrument is being repaired professionally and correctly. We provide lab services with original and high quality spare parts

and make sure that each instrument is tested for quality assurance before it's returned to the customer. The lab is certified under ISO 9001:2008 and has all the required certifications for quality service.

Eli Havivi graduated technology studies and over the years specialized in various fields, such as maintenance of industrial systems, adhesives, metals and more. This background led him to specialize in the dental instruments field.

Over the last 20 years, Eli was the head of the service lab in Israel for KaVo, MELAG and Swiss EMS. Extensive technical background and thorough understanding of metals, adhesives and complex machinery, enabled him to utilize his expertise when it comes to repair of dental instruments. His experience led him to open an independent service laboratory for high-level equipment.

E.Dental represents high quality and reliability, and offers only the highest quality of instruments that go hand in hand with the knowledge and expertise that only E. Dental can offer!

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